Damaged Roof Repair Services for Denton, TX


If your roof has been damaged by wind, hail, or general wear and tear, you need to contact a roofing company to conduct damaged roof repair. At Redstone Roofing Resources, we have been serving the Denton, TX, area with damaged roof repair services since 2007.

Before Re-Roofing

If you are wondering if your roof needs repairs, schedule an inspection from a trusted roofing company. At Redstone Roofing Resources, we will inspect your roof and help you construct a plan to repair the damage.

We will never ask for upfront payment or a deposit before completing our work. You can trust us to offer quality services and products for your roofing needs.

We also want to take good care of your home and surrounding property. Before we begin the roofing repair, we will cover bushes, plants, windows, swimming pools, pumps, garage doors, etc. to protect them from falling materials.

We also move outdoor furniture out of the way to keep it from being damaged during the repair job. At Redstone Roofing Resources, we value your property and possessions, so we want to ensure they are safe and protected while we repair your roof.

After Re-Roofing

Once the roofing work has been completed, you want your home to return to normal. At Redstone Roofing Resources, we promise to not only offer the best re-roofing services but also to also leave things better than we found them. We will clean up the area and remove all debris out of your gutters and yard. We also use a magnet to collect any nails that we dropped.

We also do not leave you with any of the old roofing materials. We haul off all the old materials and leave your home safe and clean.

After your roof has been re-roofed, you want to ensure that the work is durable. At Redstone Roofing Resources, we guarantee the best quality for your re-roofing. All new roof installations and re-roofs have a 5-year warranty, and all our roof repairs have a 90-day warranty.

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